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Genex Mobile Rig

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Sometimes a studio job means hauling equipment and recording on the road.  The system in the above picture was one of my favorites.  Early in the beginning days of recording for 5.1 surround sound, we began experimenting with multi-channel classical recordings.  This is one of the systems we used.

At the heart of this system are 3 Genex 8 channel MO recorders and 3 Millinnia 8 channel microphone pre-amps.  The Genex and Millinia  were considered among the most transparent and low noise available making it ideal for Classical music.  Even today this rig certainly could be used in any genre with excellent results.  

Even though Genex used mag-optical  recording media they also had SCSI ports giving us the ability to record directly to portable hard drives.  We rigged up a system with removable carriers so that we could plug these directly into Protools and transfer the files directly into the computer.  The other advantage is that the media (hard drives) could travel separate from the gear.  This is important as Classical recording sessions are very expensive to produce.  Many times more expensive than the equipment is to purchase.  This made the recordings on the drives something that needed to be safeguarded.  Often gear doesn’t travel well when shipping but the hard drive could always travel carried in a brief case.

A Yamaha 02R digital console is used for monitoring and the Sony Dat recorded stereo board mixes to review each performance.  The DA38 in the bottom of the left rack was for back up only.  On the bottom right rack is a universal line voltage conditioner.  All together this system was ideal for recording on the road anywhere in the world.

Written by Don

October 26, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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